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Another Day Closer

July 1, 2009

TitanPosterYou guessed it: The Titan Arum inflorescence remained closed tight today through visits by everyone from top administrators to pleading elementary school kids. We kept our stinky stapeliad handy with its flowers of similar scent so as not to disappoint those seeking an olfactory affront and distracted the kids with carnivores. Although there was no gain in overall height today, the pleated, skirt-like spathe around the protruding spadix continued to elongate upward and darken in color. The lower margin of the spathe seam has reflexed as if the internal surge of water pressure that will force the inflorescence open has slowly begun. We will continue with morning and afternoon viewings at the same times as on Wednesday (10 AM to 1 PM and 2 to 6 PM. Once again, volunteers to sit behind our visitor greeting table would be most welcome!

Interestingly an orb weaver spider seems to be anticipating the hoard of flies the Titan will summon upon opening by building a large web in the doorway to the viewing area -clever spider! I’m betting he knows something we don’t and that Thursday afternoon may well bring the long awaited event. But we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow if my workplace is transformed as one friend envisions above. (My Thanks to Ken Gray!)

Looking forward to a foul Friday,


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