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Chocolate Scented Titan

July 2, 2009

This afternoon the Titan began emitting a perplexing odor of chocolate. Perplexing because I have been promising a greenhouse transformed into a charnel house! Perhaps this specimen is contemplating a leap to human pollination! With the production of an odor, opening should be imminent. However, it won’t be tomorrow morning, but perhaps in the afternoon, We will only be offering the afternoon viewing on Friday, 7/3/09,¬†2 to 6 PM, and should the spathe finally relax on Friday or Saturday evening, more viewings will be announced.

Additional developments include a definite increase in midsection girth, a further lengthening of the spathe which seems to be putting forth darkly pigmented frills. The reproductive chamber is showing slow but constant changes in conformation as if laboring to contain its impatient occupants

Please beware of Amorphophallus fatigue. A lapse in attention now could cost our Titan the audience he deserves!

Thanks for the great pics below, Nichole.


Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Titan Frill

Titan Frill

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