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Taking A Titan To Task

July 4, 2009

Yes, after washing off a few pestering aphids and making the morning measurement, we had a heart to spathe. It was a rather one sided conversation! I explained that there was no reason to be shy, that visitors were fascinated with him, that it was time to open up and share! He… had nothing to say. Certain visitors have suggested I shouldn’t be saying in front of him that I don’t plan to pollinate. Then there are those jokes I’ve made within earshot about his origins fourteen years ago suggesting he may owe his existence  to an Indonesian dalliance on the part of  Bill Gates or some another wealthy magnate who needs reminding on the costs of his upkeep. I apologized for everything and begged for a response, a sound, some sign…

Of course the Titan will open in his own good time. Each day there are subtle signs of progress. Today he grew about three quarters of an inch, the spathe fluttered its frill and then tightened down for the night. The odor might now be described as resembling raw cocoa powder with fetid undertones.  We will have another viewing on July fourth from 2 to 6 PM. Come have a look, see if you agree with my description of the odor, and take another stab at pinning down the time our Titan will be fully open.

Nearing 4 ft. and not talking

Nearing 4 ft. and not talking

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