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Make a Pineapple Tasting Possible

August 11, 2009

The SFSU Greenhouse has some delightful plant experiences to share this week. One of our pineapple fruits has ripened to a translucent amber and is releasing a sweet fragrance in the warm room. There are quite a few taste-transforming miracle fruits available that will make sour food items taste sweet for 30 minutes to 2 hours after having eaten one, and the Stanhopea tigrina orchids will open 4 huge, extravagantly fragrant flowers this week, joining a set of insect imitating and insect trapping orchid flowers already open. If anyone would like to work with FOTGH to share these botanical, culinary, and sensual experiences with the public by helping publicize a pineapple tasting, setting up a greeting table, being present to greet visitors at set hours, bringing sour foods to sample before and after a taste of miracle fruit, etc., please contact me ( or Mandana ( ASAP to make an event happen. With only one, part time, staff person taking care of all the Greenhouse collections, such events can’t happen without You!



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