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We have excellent plant biology programs at SFSU supported by an extensive teaching collection of plants which presents students with an opportunity for enrichment and whole organism experience (ie.. horticulture) through Friends of the Greenhouse. FOTGH is a student organization that sponsors horticultural and botanical activities for students of any major, as well as staff, and local community members.

Have you ever grown a fern through it’s life cycle from spore to spore? Once you’ve done that, you will never forget alternation of generation in the plant life cycle! You have an opportunity to do things like this with FOTGH, as well as work with and learn how to care for a wide range of native and exotic plants.
Former FOTGH members have developed projects involving plant photography, botanical illustration, and ethnobotany. Bring your ideas to the club and watch them grow!

Excess plants from the teaching collection and occasionally from student research projects are made available to FOTGH for growing and offering in plant sales put on for the campus community each semester.
Plant sales are the main fundraiser for FOTGH and profits support our greenhouse facility as well as club field trips and projects such as our speaker series and working with the SFSU Grounds Dept. to help label campus plantings.

Sign up here with the FOTGH Google group to connect and share your plant interests with others at SFSU.

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The Greenhouse aims to be a living library of the plant kingdom. Our mission includes:
1. Growing and providing living plant materials in support of Biology education here at SFSU and occasionally for other programs like Chemistry and Anthropology.
2. Providing space and support for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty plant research.
3. Encouraging the appreciation and understanding of plant life among the general student population.
This last mission is where Friends of the Greenhouse comes in, providing horticultural experience and offering sales of the extra (often quite unusual) plants produced by normal Greenhouse opperations.
Other exciting activities the club has planned include a plant labeling project for campus landscaping, a speaker series, and field trips to other botanical facilities, all dependent on more students getting involved.

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